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Get a taste of the family business with

Nyla's Happy Half Hour

Join Nyla and Alec Wolf, the hilarious and sharp mother-son duo from Wolf Pack Restaurant Group. They share life lessons, insider tips, and blow off steam with occasional guests, all while sipping something strong in one of their restaurants.


EP 1
Learning on the Line

Nyla and Alec Wolf hit the airwaves again with a new and improved podcast. They sit down with a few glasses of mulled wine to share their origin stories, Alec's unique "homeschooling" experience, and the family dynamics behind a successful restaurant group.

EP 2
Previews, Reviews,
and New Ewes

Alec and Nyla attack the 2022 hangover with New Year’s resolutions and a strong cup of coffee. The fireworks start early when Nyla takes on Yelp, and Alec offers battle-hardened advice to servers and managers. Tummy-tucks, fashion faux pas, and rowdy team-building parties tie 2022 with a bow as the duo sets the table for a great new year.


EP 3
Making the Parents Proud... Whodunnit?

With the parents away on vacation, Alec and sister Ansley kick back with some tossed-together cocktails. They talk about working for their parents, raising newbies in the restaurant business, a company mystery dinner, and more! Also, Alec recounts the story of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey and clues listeners in to a great cause.

EP 4
Pop Stars and
Passion Projects

Nyla is back on air this month in the restaurant sharing her name! She tells how Britney Spears tried to steal her idea, and Alec weaves dreams for Wolf Pack Restaurant Group in a business that is known to take your hair. You'll love what we've got for March, and if you don't, Nyla will make you eat it anyway.


EP 5
Pineapples of Praise

Nyla and Alec raise their glasses to Spring Break, experimenting with a few fantastic Italian House creations. They ponder questions of faith and business as their BACs increase, but an ever greater question looms overhead: Are pineapple garnishes edible?

EP 6
Dreams, Made to Order

Special guest Scott Wolf joins Nyla and Alec in the barn bar to talk about his gamble with love, side businesses ranging from Bobcats to raccoon management, and dancing for money (in the most wholesome way imaginable). Still, the question stands: What does he want to be when he grows up?


EP 7
Come On In

Alec and Nyla meet up at the Italian House to check the progress of the new Nyla's location on Restaurant Row. While there, Nyla recalls her podium sweep at the Indy 500 pageant, candidly explains why the Wolf family has stuck around in the restaurant biz, and aggressively rolls out a new, first-come-first-served, less-than-legal charity program. Pay attention for your chance to win!

EP 8
Pitchers of Whiskey
(feat. Drew Storen
and the Field of Dreams)

Nyla's Happy Half Hour becomes an all-American classic in Episode 8! Former MLB pitcher Drew Storen stops by the Broken Barrel bar in Carmel to show Nyla and Alec his new Field of Dreams Whiskey (made with corn from the famous Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa). They talk all things bourbon, baseball, and business!


EP 9
Magic Soup
(feat. Chef Esli Alfaro)

The scissors are half clamped around Nyla's opening ribbon! The menu is set, and Executive Chef Esli Alfaro (legend of the Italian House on Park) is here to talk about what makes some of these dishes so special.

EP 10
Coming Soon!

With Wolfpack Restaurant Group, something good is always cooking! Stay tuned and subscribe to our email list and Nyla's Happy Half Hour for updates on all things WPRG!

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