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Our People

The Wolfpack is a tight-knit group of family-first people that refuse to separate business from their personal lives. We live every day as a team, wanting the best for and from each other. Work with us, and you can be sure that whether the order is up or you just need a friend to talk to, the Wolfpack will have your back.

From the Wolfpack

Don't just take it from us! Here's a few members of the Wolfpack that have particularly enjoyed their experience working with our team.



The Broken Barrel - Noblesville


If you see a smiling face across the bar at the Broken Barrel - Noblesville, there’s a good chance you’re getting an expertly made drink from our barman Tristan. He makes a drink with a casual craftsmanship that you have to see to believe. He’s got a taste for artistry, and he can just as easily recommend a fine whiskey as he can polish the details on the best daiquiri your bachelorette party has ever seen. Speaking of parties, if you need a bunch of drinks to fuel your good time, Tristan is the man for the job. He loves serving large groups, and the energy from any party or gathering always finds its way into our cocktails, bubbly or smooth.

"Tristan has always been a great example to everyone, in both the Broken Barrel and Wolfies, of going above and beyond to help others. He's poised, caring, and always helps our Wolfpack family in times of need. We're always happy when he's in the restaurant!"

- The Wolf Family



Wolfies - Noblesville


One of the Buffalo Chicken Wrap’s most vocal defenders, Amy has been a truly integral member of the Wolfies - Noblesville team. Serving and bartending, she’s seen it all as Wolfies has grown and expanded. Amy credits the tight-knit, goal-oriented, faith-based environment of Wolfies as the reason that she has stuck by Wolfies through thick and thin. That, and the Buffalo Chicken Wrap! Seriously, she wants you to try it. She got to go to school, plan a family, all while continuing to add to the culture and flavor that locals have come to love at Wolfies.


"Amy has been through almost every imaginable scenario with us, and we've been lucky to have her through it all! Without people like Amy on our Wolpack team, we would not be able to truly call our business a family business. Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do to make Wolfies a special place, Amy. For now, we'll keep the Buffalo Chicken Wrap on the menu, just for you!"

- The Wolf Family


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