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Come On In
Nyla's Happy Half Hour, EP 7

We're dishing out cash — Hear all about it!

Family is everything, especially to a family business like Wolfpack Restaurant Group. But... money is also important, and we may have just given ours away! In a classic "Nyla" moment, we almost had to change our security after she felt compelled to share an old safe's passcode. It goes to show just how hard it is to adjust to the increased attention and responsibility that comes as a family business grows.

Speaking of which— Alec and Nyla spill the beans about the new Wolfpack Restaurant Group concept, Nyla's, opening next to the Italian House on Westfield's Restaurant Row! It doesn't end there; They also discuss the new Pendleton location for Wolfies, which will signal the beginning of a new era for the restaurant group as it enters its 20th year. 

Though both Wolfies and Indy have grown considerably, both still has carry a distinct small-town feel. That feeling is hard to shake when you've got roots as deep as both sides of the Wolf family. Nyla discusses her family's involvement with the Indy 500 Festival Princess Program, hinting at her call to fame (which explains why she does so well on camera!).


It's all in Episode 7 of Nyla's Happy Half Hour, "Come On In"!

Check Out the Highlights!


Nyla takes a crack at running the show

Half-a-Year Celebration! Woohoo!

How the Wolfs became "restaurant people"

Why do we keep growing? 

Dishes that keep everyone coming back... especially employees!

Sneak peek of Nyla's! Menu, structure, and more

A hole-in-one Chef

Grand openings coming soon, but when? Nyla's and Wolfies - Pendleton

Exclusive access to the Wolf Family Vault

Ms. Congeniality and the IndyQueen Imposter

Summer plans and shaking hands

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