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Magic Soup (feat. Chef Esli Alfaro)
Nyla's Happy Half Hour, EP 9

Spring is not the only season meant for new beginnings- Tons of new things are happening this fall! Closing in on 20 years of Wolfies, the Wolfpack Restaurant Group is bigger, better, and stronger than ever. What makes an organization, a family restaurant business at that, powerful enough to thrive well into two decades? Time and time again, the Wolf family have credited their amazing staff, with whom they strive to be tightly knit.


Episode 9 of Nyla’s Happy Half Hour showcases the bond that the Wolf family have formed with now iconic figures in the Central Indiana culinary scene. Executive Chef Esli Alfaro sits down with Alec and Nyla to discuss the opening of Westfield’s Restaurant Row’s newest addition: Nyla’s. The trio discuss some of the incredible menu items of 12 unique entrées that fans of Wolfies and the Italian House haven’t yet tasted. In a serendipitous moment of Central Indiana podcast history, Chef Esli reveals the secret origins of his beloved mushroom soup.


Chef Esli also shares a bit about his own backstory, arriving in America without speaking a word of English, working briefly as a painter, and rising to become the Executive Chef of Wolfpack Restaurant Group. Our hosts reflect on the adventures they’ve shared, with Elsi always motivating them to live a little– No small task when it comes to partying in Florida with Nyla! Stay tuned until the end for a sneak peak into new restaurant concepts and the future of the classic Wolfies brand, which might be the last bit of legacy Nyla lets Alec keep!

Check Out the Highlights!


Introducing Executive Chef Esli Alfaro (and almost the first call-in guest)

The story of a soup with absolutely no drugs in it

How Chef Esli got involved with Wolfpack Restaurant Group

Origins of Nyla’s logo

The Swanky Mule: A new Wolfpack Restaurant Group Concept

What is Nyla’s, actually?

The future of Wolfies (and Alec’s lineage)

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